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Calebrese Mixing Glass 860ml

This slender and high mixing glass has a simple but timeless design. It has a stable standing, a thick base and thickened walls. Due to this characteristic, the drink won´t warm up during stirring. Cocktails usually will be stirred with ice cubes, which could water the drink. Since this mixing glass has thickened walls, the drink won´t water that fast or warm up.
Moreover, the glass has an extremely generous capacity of 860ml and offers enough capacity to prepare more than just one drink at once. Thereby you can prepare 2-3 drinks of the same kind at the same time. The pouring spout ensures a clean and drip-free pouring into the guests glass´.

Use this mixing glass to prepare classical drinks based on thin spirits. Cocktails based on viscously and creamy ingredients are usually prepared in a shaker or blender. The Calabrese mixing glass is perfect to prepare drinks such as Martinis or Cosmopolitans.

Height (cm): 21,0
Diameter (cm): 9,0
Capacity (ml): 860

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