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Champagne Sword WKC Midi

Length (cm): 57,0
Length of blade (cm): 45,0
Material: steel, brass
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The tradition of the Sabrage technique was founded in France. A victory during the Russian campaign was reason enough for Napoleon to celebrate. He used his Briquet-sabre to knock off the bottleneck. 200 years later, Sabrage is still a common technique to open champagne bottles at weddings and other large celebrations. Offer your guests an unforgettable experience and open their bottle with a champagne sword.
This champagne sword has a hand-crafted blade with a length of approx. 45,0cm. The blade is made of steel and nickel-plated. The grooved handle is made of solid brass und hand polished. Due to the materials, the sword has a weight of 650g and lies very well in the hand.

The Sabrage of champagne is not that hard and will get easier with a little practise. The champagne shouldn´t be too cold, otherwise the bottle could break. Before using the sword you need to take of the aluminium paper and wire basket. Hold the bottle in one hand, the bottle base is facing your body. Strech your arm in front of you. Take the sword with the other hand and place the flat blade on the bottle neck. Drag the sword along the bottle neck until you reach the lip and knock off the bottle neck. Broken glass won´t remain in the bottle. Due to the high pressure, broken glass will skid somewhere.

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