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Champagnesabel Laguiole

Length (cm): 42
Length of blade (cm): 28
Material: stainless steel
Weight (g): 370


Create an unforgettable evening for your guests! With this champagne saber you can, with a little practice, knock off the bottle head and cork from the champagne bottle. Of course this also works with other sparkling wines. The technique is called ’Sabrage’ and the tradition comes from France, where it was also celebrated by Napoleon after winning battles.

The saber is a total of 42cm long and has a blade of polished stainless steel. The blade is dull, as a sharp blade would not generate enough pressure. And it makes the procedure safer.
For safe storage, the champagne sword is delivered in an elongated cardboard box with a viewing window.

Sabrage – beheading the champagne
First, remove foil and wire from the cork. Now hold the bottle on an angle facing away from your body. The seam of the bottle should be on top. Make sure that no persons or animals can be harmed! Set the blade on the bottle, just above the label. Pull the blade over the bottleneck in a fluid, determined movement. The goal is to hit the bead on the bottle head, not the cork! During the movement, the blade should always stay as close to the bottle neck as possible. If this is done correctly, either no glass fragments are produced at all, or they are thrown away by the pressure. Nevertheless, always check whether there are glass fragments in the glass before drinking. It is also important that the bottle should not be too cold, otherwise it may shatter.
We recommend that newcomers watch a video tutorial before the first attempt.

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