TAPATIO BLANCO 110 TEQUILA - 100% AGAVE - 55% Alc 364,00kr
Isskopa 159,00kr inkl.moms


Stop the drowning of your counter, bar mats or of tea cloths where you normally keep your bar supplies on to let them dry! We are pleased to present you this valuable drip tray with grid which is made of stainless steel and consists of two pieces. Therefore you can easily clean it. With more space and a well organised counter, you work faster and easier. Dry shakers, jiggers and other bar supplies whilst you place them on the drip tray. Consequently your counter will not get drowned. Moreover you place your bar supplies on a fixed place which is well known for your staff.

Diameter, up: 16,,5cm
Diameter, down: 13,5cm
Material: stainless steel

Art nr: 676

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390,00kr inkl.moms

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