Giffard Hazelnut Syrup (Noisette) 149,00kr inkl.moms
giffard orgeat syrup
Giffard Orgeat 149,00kr inkl.moms

Giffard Coconut Syrup

Syrup med smak av kokosnöt.


Ingredients: sugar syrup, water, coconut milk, flavouring, milk protein, emulsifier: sugar ester (E473)
Nutritional value per 100ml: Energy: 1321kJ/316Kcal; Carbohydrates: 76,0g; Salt; Proteins; Fat: no significant amount

Coconut palm grows in America, Africa and Asia. The stone fruit, the coconut, grows on palms which get a height up to 30m and it ages up to 100 years. A thick and green peel encloses a fine and refreshing pulp. Up to 1l coconut milk can be in a coconut.
Perfect for drinks like the Painkiller or the Pina Colada!

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