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Giffard Sirop Framboise (Raspberry) 1L

Syrup, France, 100 cl, 0 vol%Ingredients: sugar syrup, water, raspberry flavouring, acidifying agent: citric acid (E330), colouring agent: allura red AC (E129); raspberry juice: 10% minimum; vegan
Nutritional value per 100ml: Energy: 1363kJ/326Kcal; Carbohydrates: 79,4g; Salt; Proteins; Fat: no significant amount

Since the Stone Age people eat raspberries and since the Middle-Ages they were cultivated. The red berries do grow out of the white blossoms. The berries are oval shaped and contain of many small hairy stone fruits which are hollow. Many different types do grow, some fruits are yellow or white. The ordinary raspberry is less acid, has a sweet aromatic taste and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

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129,00kr inkl.moms

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