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Giffard Triple Sec Syrup 1L

Curacaos are liqueurs with a flavour of oranges. These oranges were first cultivated on the island in the Caribbean. Due to weather and soils condition, the island was not suitable to grow sweet oranges. The result were small bitter oranges, which were perfect to produce liqueurs. To receive the Curacao liqueur, the dried orange peels are soaked in alcohol which will bring out the flavours and orange oils.

This clear syrup has a bitter note and an aromatic taste of oranges and mandarin. Add a sip of this syrup to your water and lemonades and create delicious non alcoholic cocktails.

Ingredients: sugar syrup, water, natural flavouring; vegan
Nutritional value per 100ml: Energy: 1104kJ/264Kcal; Carbohydrates: 64,9g; Salt; Proteins; Fat: no significant amount

Art: 674

I lager

129,00kr inkl.moms

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