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Dr. Polidori Cucumber Tonic 20cl (24st)


Doctor’s orders: prescribe yourself one bottle of Doctor Polidori’s Cucumber Tonic. The brand Capulet & Montague, famous for its premium gin Ferdinand’s, has waited for the perfect moment to release their tonic. Soft drinks with cucumber aroma are a trend hardly to miss in the wide world of long drinks and cocktails. Thanks to natural cucumber extracts, quinine and refreshingly fizzy water, Doctor Polidori’s Cucumber Tonic is a vital mixer for your private bar!

The name of this soft drink series by Capulet & Montage is a homage to Doctor John William Polidori. He was the personal doctor and a close friend of legendary English poet Lord Byron. In that sense, you could definitely describe the cucumber tonic as the perfect medicine for bon viveurs!

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