Monin Grenadine Syrup 25 cl 89,00kr inkl.moms
Monin Strawberry Syrup 25 cl 89,00kr inkl.moms

Monin Orgeat / Almond Syrup 25 cl

The almond is the fruit of the almond tree famous for bearing fragrant pink and white flowers. The flavour of sweet almonds is delicate and just slightly sweet. They are commonly used in confectionery baking and in marzipan, a traditional European and Mediterranean candy.


Made with natural almond flavouring and pure beetroot sugar, MONIN Almond syrup is the authentic ingredient to add a touch of luxury to your drinks.


Socker, vatten, naturlig arom, emulgeringsmedel: E414, E413. Innehåller extrakt av BITTERMANDEL.
Närings information per 100 ml:
Energi: 1321kJ/315 kcal, fett: 0g varav mättat: 0g, kolhydrater: 78,9g, varav socker: 78,9g, protein: 0 g, salt: 0,03g.

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89,00kr inkl.moms

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