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Monin Passionfruit Syrup 25 cl

purple or yellow shell encasing crunchy seeds and soft juicy flesh bursting with a strong, fragrant flavour.
Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Northern Argentina, passion fruit got its name because it is a vine species of passion flower, also known as the ‘purple granadilla’ in South Africa.Both the seeds and the pulp are used in salads and puddings such as cheesecake and pavlova. Passion fruit is also delicious in drinks, jellies and mousses.


For a taste of the tropics, add the fruity aroma and sweet and sour taste of MONIN Passion Fruit syrup to cocktails, sodas, lemonades, fruit punches and smoothies.

Socker, vatten, koncentrerad citronjuice, koncentrerad passionsfruktsjuice, koncentrerad apelsinjuice, färgämne: E161b, naturlig arom, emulgeringsmedel: acaciagummi, E445. Innehåller totalt 36% juice varav 10% passionsfruktsjuice.
Närings information per 100 ml:
Energi: 1412kJ/338kcal, fett: 0g, varav mättat: 0g, kolhydrater: 83,2g, varav socker: 82,1g, protein: 0,16g, salt: 0,03g.

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