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Monin Chocolate Syrup 25 cl 89,00kr inkl.moms

Monin Rose Syrup 25 cl

Developed to capture the taste of The Queen of Flowers as one of the range of florals, MONIN Rose Syrup delivers the beautiful, fragrant flavour of the ultimate symbol of romantic love. This elegant flower, which has inspired great literature and art, carries cultural significance throughout the world and whose name translates as pink or red in several languages, is revered for both its beauty and the perfume it produces.

Roses are widely cultivated for their perfume and commonly used in contemporary cuisine. Rose hips are used to make rose hip jam, jelly, marmalade, syrup and tea. Create your own romance with MONIN Rose and dream-up exquisite cocktails, delicately perfumed teas and aromatic milky drinks to stir the senses.


Socker, vatten, naturlig arom, syra: citronsyra, färgämne: E163. Innehåller extrakt av rosblad.
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89,00kr inkl.moms

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