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Puerto De Indias – Strawberry Gin

A very unusual pink strawberry gin from Sevilla. described as a ‘mistake’ by the master-distiller at the Puerto de Indias distillery. after a failed attempt at making a strawberry liqueur with fresh strawberries, he added the mashed strawberries to a new gin he was working on and the rest as they say is history. Since 1950, this gin has been one of Sevilla’s best kept secret. Now, we can enjoy it in the Sweden.

It is produced using two copper alembic stills which are the oldest in Andalucía (the distillery originates from 1880) and macerating wild juniper berries and strawberries for 48 hours before an 18 hour distillation process. The result is a very soft and delicate gin of 37.5% strength, with a light juniper taste, subtle strawberry flavour and a slightly aniseed aroma from the alembic stills where the gin is produced.

This naturally pink gin is fabulous served over ice with some sliced or mashed strawberries – try it without the tonic – a glorious aperitif and a wonderful base for cocktail

Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin, Spanien, 70 cl, 37,5 vol%
Art Nr: 898
Systembolaget: ART 8258901


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Systembolaget: ART 8258901

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