Winchester Rocks 296ml - Libbey 48,00kr inkl.moms
SPEAKEASY CHAMPAGNE 17CL Gold Decorated 120,00kr inkl.moms

G / T SPEAKEASY 58 CL GLASS Gold Decorated

Höjd (cm): 20,3
Diameter (cm): 10,3
Kapacitet (ml): 580

Libbey Spksy series

Pssst, quiet! The name SPKSY is an acronym for ‘Speakeasy’ – a word that was used to describe secret, illegal bars and clubs during the time of the alcohol prohibition in the United States. And it couldn’t be more fitting: If you look at these glasses, pick them up and drink from them, you will inevitably feel the glamour of the American 20s flow through you. These stemmed glasses are probably one of the most elegant ways of presenting a drink!

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142,00kr inkl.moms

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