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Steba Smoking Box – Starter Set

Renowned German electronics manufacturer Steba recently added this nifty little tool to the category of smokers. It can be used to infuse edibles or drinks with smoke aromas.
The aluminum enclosure gives the Smoking Box an elegant appearance; yet it remains lightweight and can easily be carried in one hand. The open combustion chamber and the on/off switch are positioned on top of the device. The removable barrel is equipped with two rubber sealings and can be expanded with the included 25cm long silicone hose.

The Smoking Box is quick and easy to use, but it is very important to place it on a horizontal and non-inflammable surface during operation. Put the desired condiments in a sealable bag or container; cloches are often used for foods, drinks can be smoked in a screw-cap bottle that allows for thorough mixing with the smoke.

Fill the combustion chamber and place the hose or barrel in the container with your condiments. Now turn the device on and spark the ingredients of the chamber with a match or lighter. Caution: Don’t keep it burning for more than 30 seconds! Turn the Smoking Box off and remove it from the container, then close it off. The duration of smoke exposure depends on the desired degree of aromatization – 2-3 minutes are often sufficient while some cases require a longer contact with the smoke (5-10 or up to 15 minutes). The Smoking Box should be cleaned after cooling down and is therefore dismountable.

Housing material: Aluminum
Color: Silver
Power: 0,6 W (3 V)
Weight: 0,2 kg
Measures (H/W/D): 14,4 x 3 x 3 cm
Power supply: Batteries (4 x AA)
Delivery contents: Smoking Box, silicone hose, aroma bag (1x), 2x70g wood chips (beech and hickory); batteries not included!
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