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The Flowing Bowl

A reproduction of the 1891 edition of The Flowing Bowl by William Schmidt (aka The Only William), with a new introduction by David Wondrich. From the Introduction: “Ten years ago, when the current cocktail renaissance was more wouldn’t-it-be-nice than yea-even-unto-Boise, those few of us who were obsessed with ancient recipes, long-dead bartenders and the whole antediluvian world of the pre-Prohibition saloon used to snicker about ol’ William. I mean, this was a man who thought nothing of calling ten ingredients in a drink, not neglecting such standard components as creme de roses, tonic phosphate and ice cream by the tablespoonful; a man who would instruct you to top a drink with frozen snow and stencil words in nutmeg on the surface…”

Hardcover, 308 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-60311-265-9

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