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Japanese Jigger 20/40ml Copper 259,00kr inkl.moms

Double Jigger, scaling – 30/50ml

Diameter: 6cm, 4,7cm / 4,2cm, 5,3cm
Height: 6,2cm / 8,4cm
Unit of measurement: 20/40ml (2cl, 4cl), 30/50ml (3cl, 5cl)
Material: stainless steel

This double jigger is made of stainless steel and provides you two measuring funnels. The smaller one is furnished with a scaling of 30ml (3cl), whereby the facing funnel is equipped with a 50ml (5cl) scaling. Both with ml scaling from 0-40ml, the only jigger on the market with ml scaling!

Art nr: 710

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