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Victorinox Brödkniv med Fibroxhandtag 26 cm

Length: 38,2cm
Width: 4,4cm
Blade length: 25cm
Handle: Rubber

Normally chefs use a confectioner’s knife for pastries of all kinds. But nowadays bartenders and chefs use this kind of knife for fruits, bread and pastries likewise. Therefore we heartly recommand this Victorinox knife to you.
This handy knife is due to your hand although it is wet because the surface is slightly rough. At the end of the ergonomic handle, you find a knob for a secure handling and the finger protector stops slipping off. The grind is serrated and gets deeper into the corresponding product, so that the edges practise the whole pressure. The serrated knife avoids the product´s rupture. While using the blade you are going to see that less power is necessary to cut products and the blade is durable and smoothly runs through your products. This knife has an excellent edge holding ability.

Art nr: 818

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