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Victorinox Zester, Serrated

Length: 14cm
Width: 2cm
Blade length: 3,7cm
With this zester you easily prepare thin citrus fruit peel stripes without any bitter constituents.

Prepare vegetables and fruits with this valuable Victorinox zester. Whether you get so called zests which are thin and which do not have any bitter constituents or you place ornaments on the fruit´s and vegetable´s surface, so that it becomes vertical and concave shaped rills. Ideally decorate and refine your dishes and drinks with it. Prepare outstanding cocktail decoration for your guests and enjoy the features of a durable and shrap-edged zester.
This lemon zester is due to your hand although it is wet because the surface is slightly rough. The grind is serrated and furnished with five really sharp-edged holes and gets deeper into the corresponding product, so that the edges practise the whole pressure. The serrated knife avoids the product´s rupture. While using the blade you are going to see that less power is necessary to cut products and the blade is durable and smoothly runs through your products. Finally this Victorinox citrus fruits zester is characterized by ist edge holding ability.

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