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ProJig – Uberbartools

Width: 6,1cm
Height: 14,9cm
Unit of measurement: 0,5cl, 1cl, 1,5cl & 3cl
Material: Polycarbonate

This jigger made by Ɯberbartools has an impressive design and functionality. The one cup has a capacity of 3cl, the other one is divided in three chambers with different capacities (0,5cl, 1cl, 1,5cl). The capacities are engraved on the surface. The jigger ProJig provides you a lot of combination possibilities. The angled shape of the cups guarantees you an easy pouring without spillage. Due to the large cups the jigger has a stable standing on the work surface. The measurement cups can be taken apart for cleaning. The jigger is made of polycarbonate.

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